The Society hosts biannual Starfest celebrations - the first having occurred in October 2011. They generally occur in the autumn and spring to mark both the beginning and end of winter.

During our Starfests we have welcomed a variety of guest speakers:

  • Professor Andrew Coates - Head of Planetary Science, Mullard Space Science Laboratory
  • Dr Marek Kukula - Public Astronomer, Greenwich Royal Observatory
  • Professor Chris Lintott - Oxford University and presenter of BBC The Sky at Night
  • Bob Bower - FRAS
  • David La Conte - (ex NASA) FRAS
Dr Kukula enjoyed his first visit so much he has returned several times, most recently in October 2014. Our guest speakers always give inspiring and entertaining talks.

Dr Marek Kukula, the Public Astronomer, Greenwich,
at the SAstroS Starfest in October 2014.

Annie Dachinger (SAstroS' Starfleet Commander), with Bob Bower and Dr Marek Kukula at the 2013 Starfest showing off our 10" Meade Telescope - Endeavour.

Our most recent Starfest (October 2015) coincided with 'Sark Trek'. For more information about that go here

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